Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics Lithuania

Public entity “Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics” (STP) is a non-profit organization active in the fields of physical and technology sciences, innovations, knowledge society, scientific research as well as collaboration of science, studies and business. Implementation of research results and promotion of cooperation between science and industry are main activities of STP.

STP is a coordinator of Laser & Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK:

LITEK cluster was established 6 years ago but cooperation between science and SMEs continues for more than 20 years already. Today LITEK unifies 16 companies and organizations working in photonics and engineering field. LITEK cluster has strong connections with more than 50 companies and 10 RTOs working in fields of optoelectronic components, including optical materials and lasers and more than 80 companies working in engineering sector.


Primary Sector of Interest
Kristina Ananiciene
LinkedIn logo Project manager 
Julius Pauzolis
Director / LITEK Cluster coordinator